TUTORIAL: How to split image easily?

From time to time we have need to split images to few pieces. For example if we want to solve mystery and author created sth less than user friendly. And finally we see sth like that:

I’m sure most of us consider looking for images using Google or BING (search by image option). We need to put some work first.
In this case (picture above) we have 9 pictures (plus additional 9 if you click mentioned picture and follow to listing, nice mystery by the way).

It would mean lot of work. But we can to do it very easily. If we use tool like: http://imagesplitter.net/
On that page we can split image automatically to equal numer of pieces. And we can get it immediately in zip format.
Looks nice, huh?

Download picture you want to split (or just copy its URL from web).

Open in browser page Image Splitter and put picture (or paste link to it). Click UPLOAD IMAGE then.

Using next page choose SPLIT IMAGE tab (at the top) and mark number of fields (pictures) you want to have. Write number of ROWS and COLUMNS. Click blue button SPLIT IMAGE.

Yopu should see such window:

Download prepared archive file on your disk.


Now you can enjoy splitted to pieces images. When you’ll look into archive, you can see every file id easy to put to SEARCH BY IMAGE option in Google or similar. Our file in this case looks like that:

Every picture (after unpacking) is ready to search!
Good luck.

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